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Year 7 Entrance Test

We have created innovative Maths and English entrance test papers which rely solely on knowledge and understanding from the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum.

Already working with 3 award-winning grammar schools, the tests are quality assured with the RNIB, primary school teachers and SEN staff, and designed to be child-friendly in format and instructions.

Creative Writing

We believe that assessing Creative Writing is a valuable way to judge a candidate's readiness for a grammar school education and enables schools to look at a candidate from a different, more holistic, angle.

Outreach Work

Future Stories is a social mobility project working in partnership with local primary schools. The aim of the Future Stories project is to ensure that Grammar Schools are full of high ability students from a range of social and economic backgrounds, who are eager to reach their future story goals.

Data Analysis

We are experts in providing schools with insights. These range from anticipating the needs of the incoming cohort, to sensitively shaping tutor group allocations, and reviewing the reach of your admissions programme against your School's aims.

Summer Camps

Endowed with experts from the outdoor education industry, we have a track record of delivering high quality Summer camps for primary school students. These can break down misconceptions about your School and broaden their horizons to consider 'what is possible'?

Primary School Transition

With students arriving from multiple primary schools, managing this transition can be challenging. We can support you to better understand where they are coming from, the challenges they are facing and what support they will need once they join you. 

Sporting Aptitude

If you are considering using Sporting Aptitude as part of your oversubscription criteria, we can advise you on testing, communications, data handling and operational logistics. 

In-School Support

We are passionate about building future story pathways for our disadvantaged students. Once they join us, we broaden out our scope of what is termed 'disadvantage', and ensure all barriers to accessing the breadth of curriculum are removed. Speak to us about our 'Tilting' approach.

Primary School Mentoring

We are experienced in delivering in-house mentoring sessions for primary school children. Our students are trained to support children with their English and Maths learning, in collaboration with our partner schools. We continued this seamlessly online during COVID.

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