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Parent of a Year 5 student

“I would just like to encourage you to continue and thank you. I was extremely happy and really can't think of a way of improving an amazing experience for my son."
Future Stories Community Enterprise Ltd (FCSE Ltd), a subsidiary of Reading School, have developed a new entrance test specifically for Grammar Schools. 

Working alongside Sue Stothard (Stothard Education Ltd), we have developed and rolled out a test which is designed to be both rigorous yet accessible to both disadvantaged and visually impaired children.

Year 5 student

“Thank you for teaching me, it helped a lot for me to understand fractions. I improved a lot in maths and I can finally catch up to my class. I appreciate everything that you have done for me”
The test covers English, Maths and Creative Writing and purposefully does not go beyond the Year 5 curriculum. 

There is
no Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Providing 100% new questions each year, we also work alongside Frog to provide a familiarisation programme for disadvantaged students.

Local primary school headteacher

"I hope you will repeat this programme. Many of our pupils have found it very useful and it certainly inspired AB who is now one of your Year 7 pupils!"
If you are interested in finding out more, please email Caroline Mole at
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